Why Renovation?

Remodeling and renovation projects have numerous benefits to companies. It saves time and money because you are already dealing with a space that has been built. Instead of spending lots of money creating something from scratch, you can focus on making improvements to your space and tailoring it specifically to your company’s needs.

Updating your existing space can also have a positive impact on your employees and their productivity. It will give the impression that business is booming and that you’re willing to invest in them.




At QRS, LLC we preform interior demolition, to
include structural removal and finishes, not including
electrical, mechanical and plumbing.
Interior demolition includes the removal of walls,
glass partitions and frames, wall partitions, extraction
of flooring finishes, ceiling tiles, doors & frames,
millwork, windows & interior concrete slab when




We partner with ACCG, Inc. to provide you with a lump sum to include concrete services weather you are doing a renovation or a new building: concrete foundations, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, slabs, footers, masonry, retainer walls, curbs, stamped, pool decks, seawalls, etc. You get the best quality concrete professionally installed always. Contact us today for an estimate. We do professional residential concrete and commercial concrete services.

Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition typically involves buildings or structures which were used for business purposes. The tearing down of office buildings and schools requires some care. This is especially relevant if there are other structures nearby. However, they don’t pose a threat regarding hazardous materials as immediately as an industrial facility.

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Construction Cleanup

Construction cleanup businesses are usually hired — occasionally on the spot — by the main contractor or whoever is the current point person on the job. Contact local construction companies, property management outfits, custodial-service providers, and restoration and renovation companies to market your services.

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We partner with ACCG, Inc. to provide you with a lump sum to include concrete services weather you are doing a renovation or a new building: concrete foundations, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, slabs, footers, masonry, retainer walls, curbs, stamped, pool decks, seawalls, etc.

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Millwork Installation

We have assembled fully trained crews across the country to bring your custom or franchised plans to life. It’s the meticulous detail that we bring to every job that makes our Millwork division unique. All work is performed in accordance with AWI installation standards to consistently produce the finest quality.

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Wall Finishes: Paint, Wallcovering, Texture, Epoxy Coating

Our epoxy for walls finishes are available in a number of different varieties and colors, so you’re sure to find a paint to meet your specific needs. With our epoxy for walls, you won’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. The benefits we offer are unmatched.

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Tile Flooring

Renovating your flooring is a daunting task, there are too many details involved and getting even the smallest thing wrong can cost you. You have to worry about the color scheme, the designs, the flooring material best suited for your home etc. The first thing to do would be to consider the material based on price, durability, ease of maintenance and even weather conditions.

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Wall Tile, Backsplash

Backsplash is usually installed in wet areas where the water as the name says will splash on the wall, the backsplash is then installed to prevent the wall to get excess moisture.

In commercial construction the backsplash plays a special design role in any room and can be used in different surfaces to give an outstanding and modern looks.

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Bathroom Accessories Installation

QRS, LLC has over 20 years experience in the Hospitality Renovation area providing bathroom accessories services, weather they are OFI or CFCI. We always recommend putting up the accessories and determining the positions after all the plumbing has been installed to give you a clearer perspective.

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In Hospitality and Commercial projects we provide crews of Movers and Installers that will take care of the Furniture, Fixture and Equipment Installation. The QRS, LLC family will serve your projects in the commercial and residential construction areas delivering excellent quality and safety are our first priorities.

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Contact us for commercial renovation servieces

Commercial renovation costs per square foot can be quite different from residential projects and many Fenton clients are surprised how economical it is to renovate their building or industrial complex. Contact us below and we will provide a no-cost outline of the commercial or industrial renovation process by reviewing your needs and developing the perfect building renovation project plan for your business.

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There are multiple factors to consider before starting a renovation project. Your employees, your business, and your customers are all important parties to keep in mind as you move forward. Consider conducting a series of meetings with key stakeholders in the company to identify the goals of the new renovation project and get everyone on the same page when establishing a potential scope of work and budget.

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